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Meet Destini, fashion stylist
+ creative director


Growing up in central Arkansas with no access to luxury fashion motivated Destini to create her own glamorous world. She remembers using scrap fabric to create more trendy looks for dolls and she also distinctly remembers the joy she felt when her grandparents agreed to pay for her Seventeen magazine subscription. 

With degrees in journalism and fashion art direction, Destini has experience writing for fashion publications and styling e-commerce shoots for luxury boutiques. Fashion magazines were her first introduction to the world of journalism and styling has allowed her to communicate in ways where words alone simply don’t suffice.

Inspired by the Black creatives who have paved the way for her, Destini’s mission is to highlight and amplify Black and brown stories through the power of clothing. Armed with her media and styling expertise, she hopes to make the world a more beautiful place one client at a time.


If you’d like to learn more about how Destini’s skills can help you, please reach out via email

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